How to Protect and Maintain Hardwood Floors

Protecting and maintaining hardwood flooring will lengthen its lifespan. Homeowners surely want that, because it would not only save them on repair costs, it will also give their homes the maximum resale value. And that’s just one of the benefits that you’ll enjoy by doing so.  


Below are some tips and tricks that you can follow to keep your hardwood floors protected at all times. Generally speaking, hardwood floors are not that difficult to maintain. That’s actually the reason why many homeowners prefer it over carpets. If you need hardwood floor installation Naperville, simply call the experts.  

Moisture Protection Tips 

The best way to ensure that your hardwood floor doesn’t get in contact with moisture is to install it away from moisture-rich areas like basements, bathrooms, and laundry rooms. While hardwood has found its way into the kitchen, keep in mind that sometimes, you’ll get you sink and dishwasher overflowing. Water may also seep from the refrigerator.  

If you do have hardwood installed in your kitchen, try to use natural rubber mats in those problem areas. They protect the floor from getting in contact with water. And if there are spills, be sure to mop it up or wipe them right away. Always remember that moisture is the main enemy of hardwood floors.  

Coating Protection Tips 

Hardwood floors come with a top coating and if that coating gets damaged, then the look of the hardwood floor is compromised. It’s best that you call the experts right away if the top coat seems badly damaged. Your hardwood floor should never go uncoated for a couple of days or things will get worse. 

To ensure that the coating is protected, sealers and stains are applied. You’ll notice that the high-traffic areas in your home are the ones that have floors that look dull. Solid hardwood floors can be sanded while engineered wood can be buffed.  

Tips to Minimize Daily Wear  

Use area rugs to minimize the daily wearing of hardwood flooring. Using a breathable rug underlay is bestDon’t use mats or rugs that use latex, vinyl, and synthetic rubber underlays as they tend to cause discoloration 

Try not to move heavy objects in a way that would scratch the floor. Slide furniture carefully and be sure that they have leg protectors in place. If you have pets like dogs and cats, be sure that their claws are trimmed so they don’t damage the surface of the floor.  

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Tips 

Never use a wet mop on hardwood floorsYou may use lightly damp mop but it’s always best to use the dry cleaning method. Be sure that the area rugs are always clean and free of debris that may scratch the floor. Regularly shake them outdoors.  

Sweep the area with a soft broom, especially the heavy traffic areas. Using a dry electrostatic mop will also help as it allows dust to cling to its head. Vacuuming the floor is also advisable but you should never use the type that’s designed for carpets.